What Codependency Is

Codependency is a complex condition that affects not only the person exhibiting the compulsive behavior, but also potentially spouses, family members, friends, and even co-workers. Sometimes referred to as relationship addiction, codependency often manifests in one-sided relationships that tend to be emotionally crippling and abusive. Codependents suffer with self-esteem issues and seek to enhance their self-image through their relationships with others.

What Codependency Is Not

In many cases, the condition of codependency is not immediately obvious. At first, the behavior of a codependent may seem to be that of a well-intentioned, compassionate caretaker. However, in cases of true codependency disorder, that caretaking becomes an extreme compulsion. Disturbing behavior patterns emerge, such as chronic anger and dishonesty, lack of trust, fear of abandonment, and difficulty making decisions.

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Cititherapy Codependency Treatment

As with some of the other conditions and behaviors Cititherapy treats, codependency is most often rooted in issues from a person’s youth. By facing the issues in question and examining the causal relationship between those issues and the patterns of behavior that have emerged over time, individuals can find themselves again and overcome the behavior patterns that have led them down a troublesome path.

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