Couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Is your sexual addiction hurting your primary relationship? Have you grown further apart from the person you love and feel hopelessly unable to get back to the relationship you once had? Are anger and resentment now driving forces in your life as a couple?

Addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and compulsive sexual behavior can wreak havoc on marriages and romantic relationships. The confusion and loss of trust that an addict’s partner often experiences can be devastating and can damage the relationship beyond repair. Sometimes, the addict’s loved one may be struggling with personal issues stemming from a previous traumatic event—a circumstance that may have attracted them to a partner with compulsive tendencies in the first place. Our Couples Therapy program helps partners to process their experiences and to understand the reasons behind certain behaviors. Couples can then begin on the road to restored respect and mutual support.

Young couple consults at the psychologist

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