Group therapy

Group Therapy

Do you struggle with a sense of shame associated with your addiction? Are you feeling that there must be something wrong with you and wonder why you can’t control your compulsive behavior? Do you sometimes wonder if anyone, anywhere, could ever understand what you’re going through?

One of the worst things about addiction is the feeling of shame that almost always comes with it. In most instances, shame actually drives the addiction and leaves the person suffering with a sense of inadequacy—a sense that there’s something wrong with them at their very core.

Cititherapy’s Group Therapy program lifts individuals out of their shame and, through the support of fellow addicts dealing with similar issues, helps them to begin their recovery with a sense of purpose and a positive attitude. Often, the support of a group removes the feeling of isolation and inferiority associated with addiction, and allows the addict to realize that the road to recovery need not be a solitary one.

Group of Multi-Ethnic People in a Meeting and Social Networking

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