Love addiction

Love Addiction

What Love Addiction Is

When one person’s love for another becomes obsessive and is destructive to the relationship, it is considered love addiction. Oftentimes, a person suffering from love addiction exhibits a heightened focus on romantic relationships. As with many addictive conditions, love addiction is usually rooted in circumstances and issues from the addict’s past and has little if anything to do with his or her current relationship. The love addict seeks the feeling of connection and validation from the relationship. The love addict may devote a disproportionate part of their lives to their chosen partner in an attempt to maintain those feelings. Love addicts may use sex in an effort to receive what they really crave: emotional intimacy and connection. A love addict will often mistake sex for love.

What Love Addiction Is Not

Contrary to how it may appear to those on the periphery, love addiction is not the healthy behavior of a caring person, nor is it healthy or pleasant for the person who is the focus of the obsessive attention. The sufferer’s moods often become erratic and he or she can become withdrawn and sullen due to a lack of self-esteem.

Cititherapy Love Addiction Treatment

Often love addiction stems from a severe fear of abandonment, which is formed in childhood. The individual carries that fear into adulthood and so projects it onto every relationship, building up a fantasy of an ideal that goes beyond a healthy romantic attachment as the love addict allows that one relationship to define everything in their lives, neglecting him/herself and others. Cititherapy goes beyond a focus on the behaviors exhibited by the addict, treating the root causes of the addiction. Our therapists are uniquely trained and qualified to get to the very essence of what’s driving the behavior and help the sufferer face and overcome issues that have been a source of suffering for many years.

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