Love avoidance

Love Avoidance

What Love Avoidance Is

Love avoidance differs from love addiction in that the person suffering with the condition strives to hide their feelings of affection for fear of rejection. Love avoidance is the result of a fear of intimacy, a consequence of feeling unwanted or unloved in the past, usually in relation to a parent or primary caregiver. Love avoiders often grow up in a situation in which they find themselves having to meet the needs of the caregiver to gain acceptance rather than a relationship of unconditional love in which the caregiver delivers what the child needs.

What Love Avoidance Is Not

Love addiction is not literally the avoidance of love. It is an attempt to preserve absolute self-reliance by refusing to fully connect to others. The love avoidant individual will adopt behaviors that will be translated as a “keep away” sign to potential partners in order to preserve their own sense of independence.

Cititherapy Love Avoidance Treatment

As with many of the conditions we treat, Cititherapy goes to the heart of the issues driving the compulsive behavior and helps the person understand that there is a reason why he or she feels and behaves in such a manner. Only when the original issues are faced and understood can real healing begin.

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