Sex addiction

Sex Addiction

What Sexual Addiction Is

While sexual addiction is defined in numerous ways and can manifest in an assortment of behaviors, virtually every sexual addict shares one common trait: the compulsive urge to act out one’s sexually obsessive behavior regardless of the potential risk to the most important aspects of that person’s life.

What Sexual Addiction Is Not

Sexual addiction is not a reflection of the character of a person. It carries no meaning with regard to a person’s integrity or morals. Most sexual addicts, in fact, struggle with feelings of shame and insecurity brought on by long periods of suffering over behaviors they long to change. Most importantly, sexual addiction is not an untreatable condition, and there is hope for those with the courage to seek it.

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Cititherapy Sexual Addiction Treatment

Since its inception in 2007, Cititherapy has been answering the call of people suffering from the devastating effects of sexual addiction. Cititherapy is currently one of the New York area’s most respected treatment programs.

The reasons for our success are numerous, but chief among them are the commitment of our highly trained and credentialed staff and our unique approach to treatment, which combines two leading modalities: the Dr. Patrick Carnes Task-Centered Approach and the Pia Mellody model of treating
co-dependence, attachment issues and love addiction.

While many addictions can be the result of a childhood trauma, our unique ability to treat the entire continuum of sexual addiction is a significant part of what differentiates Cititherapy.

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