What Trauma Is

Childhood traumas lie at the root of most psychological and emotional problems. It can include major trauma, like physical or sexual abuse, or lesser trauma in the form of emotional abuse. The latter category includes being under the authority of a highly critical parent or caregiver, being deprived of physical affection, or being deprived of social interaction by being left too much alone. Trauma sufferers are often overtaken by feelings of fear and anxiety, and can withdraw from normal social behavior, feeling frightened and alone. Trauma victims may adopt behaviors to numb the pain of the memories that haunt them, including dissociating, self-medicating, and sometimes even more self-destructive behavior.

What Trauma Is Not

A young girl sad on her window close to tears

Most importantly, suffering from trauma is not a hopeless situation. No matter how extreme the original incidents or how extensive the period of suffering, Cititherapy can help individuals overcome the issues and behaviors that are diminishing their quality of life and help them get back on track to a healthy existence.

Cititherapy Trauma Treatment

Cititherapy helps clients develop the skills to manage the effects of past trauma, to face the occurrence of that trauma and how it may have affected their emotional development, and to successfully begin on the path to healing and recovery.

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