What we do

The Cititherapy Process

When someone comes to Cititherapy, we begin by obtaining a comprehensive picture of the client’s needs, in order to arrive at a personalized course of action. Our CSAT certified therapists conduct an initial intake assessment followed by careful consideration of the individual’s situation to determine what forms of testing and therapy would be most effective. After a thorough evaluation of the individual client and their unique situation, we present our clients with a strategic recovery plan tailored to help them achieve their unique goals.

Our strategic recovery plans are centered on the world-renowned Dr. Patrick Carnes Task Recovery Model, a comprehensive methodology for developing or restoring a rewarding life for the person suffering with the addiction, and the Pia Mellody model, which considers the potential effects of childhood trauma on a patient’s addiction and overall treatment.

the cititherapy process

Multiple Treatments, One Goal

Cititherapy’s expertise covers a host of conditions, including sexual addiction, love addiction, love avoidance, trauma, and codependency. While the treatments are as varied as the conditions themselves, the underlying goal of each is the same: to help our clients overcome not just the symptoms and behaviors associated with their disease but the underlying causes and the disease itself.

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